Georgie Cave, McCullough Moore’s New Senior Events Coordinator On Event Management Life…

Our very own Georgie Cave, newly promoted to Senior Events Coordinator, talks about event planning life!

What made you want to work in event management?

When I came to the end of my A Levels I realised that staying in education wasn’t something that I wanted to do, so University was out of the question. I have always been organised and my mum suggested that I tried work experience at a local event agency, McCullough Moore. From then I realised that it suited me perfectly and played to all my strengths and I have never looked back.

What has been your best event so far and why?

I think that my best event so far has been The Energy Now Expo 2018. The Energy Now Expo 2017 was the first event I started on when I joined McCullough Moore and the first event I went on site for. So when I was told I would be working on the 2018 event but from the start this time I was very excited. The event itself is incredibly interesting and the delegates are always so polite and friendly which really makes the event for the organisers. I think the reason I like working on the event so much is that there are a lot of processes that need to be completed and I am a very methodical worker.

What is the least favourite part of your job?

This may sound silly but there really isn’t a job that I don’t like doing, although tidying up after coming back from an event isn’t fun! The adrenaline has subsided and you are left with a lot of ‘stuff’ to tidy back into store and for some reason you always manage to come back with more!

What do you think will be the biggest development in events this year? 

I think that the biggest development will be technology; it’s the way that everything is heading! I think there will be a lot of focus on making events more eco-friendly.

Which personal quality do you think is a must to be an event manager?

I think that the most important quality is to be organised. There a lot of things that you have to deal with at one time and not always for the same event. You have to be able to juggle multiple deadlines and I think the only way to do this effectively is to be organised and methodical with your work. I love to make lists, which helps me to never miss anything.

If money were no object what would be your dream event to organise?

I think my dream event to organise would be a Countryside Show. I have a 1 year old springer spaniel and have been around and worked with horses my whole life, so it would be an event that I would be really passionate about which I think helps.


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