Venue Management

Sourcing the right backdrop for your event.

Every event is unique and finding the right venue is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Whether you are looking for a spectacular setting for a gala dinner, or conference room with lots of exhibition space, or even a last minute meeting room, talk to us and we’ll find you the perfect fit.

Our team will spend time getting to understand what you need and then investigate venues in the right geographical location, with suitable space and availability, at a price to suit your budget.

We have long standing relationships with hotel chains, stadiums and exhibition venues throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.
We will identify a host of suitable venues to present to you and negotiate on your behalf to secure the best value.

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Are you planning an event? Hard-pressed for a suitable location to host your occasion? Don’t worry; we know the feeling.

At McCullough Moore, we’ve found that many of our clients have a great idea for their event but are stuck when it comes to choosing the right venue. Fortunately, we have a wealth of options around Sussex and throughout the UK. Whether it is a conference & exhibition, trade expo or award ceremony, we know just where to set it.

A venue has the power to enhance or diminish the success of an event. But with the right guidance, you can choose a venue that will keep your attendees impressed and engaged throughout the occasion.

Let McCullough Moore Choose the right setting for your event

Since our inception over 10 years ago, we have fostered excellent events by choosing the best settings for our clients. McCullough Moore is a full-service events management company that caters to business clients in different sectors across a range of industries.

Our client list includes pharmaceutical companies, food service brands, renewable energy companies, and so on. We will help you scout out an ideal venue within your budget, one which is also perfect for the theme or arrangement you have in mind. We will also cover the planning and execution for your logistics, staging, attendee management, and more.

McCullough Moore’s business ethos is to provide clients with professional, yet flexible event management services at prices they can afford. Our Pick ‘n’ Mix approach is ideal for customers on a limited budget.

Services; sourcing the perfect place

Every event is unique, and sourcing the perfect location is a crucial step in planning. The venue will determine the arrangement of other details, including delegates’ seating style and décor of the whole place.

We help clients find a spectacular setting for their gala dinner, or a beautiful gallery with a massive space for an art exhibition. Even identifying a last-minute slot for a business meeting is one of our super abilities.

Planning and budgeting

At McCullough Moore, we often begin with a meeting to get the full details of your event. This includes the type of event, the proposed number of guests, the budget, scope, and more. From this information we will decide from our database of venues the most appropriate location.

We have a unique process that allows us to provide quality service, even with a relatively small budget. Our experienced location managers know how to manage the venue selections, from large outdoor spaces to moderate-sized rooms. We help negotiate a suitable price that benefits both the client and the owner of the venue.

Relationships with hotel chains and other venue establishments

As a business with more than 10 years in the events management industry, we have established important relationships with notable hotel chains, galleries, exhibition venues, and venue establishments within the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

This means we can get favourable negotiations for our clients and secure a space within their best interests. We have connections to places that add value to events, regardless of the nature of the event.

Naturally, a meeting room, hotel conference centre, or restaurant may come to mind when planning a stage for an important event. But we like to take a more modern approach; we believe it is essential to make a stunning first impression.

At McCullough Moore, expressing a unique style for our clients always takes priority. Our venue options have transcended regular hotel environs and exhibition spaces to include ballrooms, gardens, theatres, rooftops, football stadia, and more.

Managing the venue space

We believe that a venue is more than just a hosting space, which is why our process involves seeking an active place that adds value to the event. Your attendees must have a good reason to cherish and recall your brand’s efforts, years after the experience.

Whether you want a venue with a panoramic view that overlooks the London Eye, or a simple setting by an idyllic beach, we ensure the location is as valuable as the activity itself.

McCullough Moore’s responsibilities include ensuring that the theme blends nicely with the environment, and that each attendee is comfortably accommodated. We also perform a threat assessment to make sure there is adequate security for guests – especially in unusual venues.

Logistics and other planning activities

Some clients may prefer to take their own refreshment, either for budget reasons or menu preferences. However, not every establishment welcomes food and drinks into their venue without a corkage fee.

It is part of our responsibility to consider these specific situations and factor it into the budget planning. We can either negotiate with the venue managers to provide the preferred menu or negotiate a better corkage fee. We aim to make sure the terms are favourable for our clients.

The McCullough Moore Experience

By working closely with property owners and venue managers throughout the years, our team has amassed a special wealth of knowledge, insight, and proficiency when it comes to selecting venue spaces.

In addition, we have planned several events for high net-worth clientele, from original conception, through to funding, designing, planning & development, and finally to successful execution and completion. In our wake lies a string of successful events and satisfied clients.

During every event, we have a sophisticated digital process that monitors attendee interaction and engagement across relevant platforms. This way, we can gauge the overall response and guest impression of the event.

With this, you can determine how successful your event was, and what strategies to adopt or improve on ahead of the next occasion. In other words, we provide an ROI system to track performance and user engagement with your brand – depending on the nature of the event.

Why choose McCullough Moore?

Our company is deeply invested in customer satisfaction. We use various high-tech equipment to ensure a seamless event management process.

  • McCullough Moore will tailor your event to success, using an optimised budget
  • Our extensive list of relationships with venue owners in the UK and worldwide provides the best deals for our clients.
  • We maintain on-site support and alternative channels of communication during the event
  • Our rates are one of the most competitive in the industry; you are assured of real value for money.

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  • "As a judge, this was the best experience I have had, and I have judged many awards. The organisation was brilliant. Nothing was forgotten and everything went like clockwork. I found the personal contact with the organisers very good too. As for the food products, as judges we saw and tasted them at their best. This is vitally important for all the producers who have taken the time and trouble to submit their entries. Well done to the entire team!"

    Gilli Cliff Cordon Bleu Cook & Food Consultant Judge at Wales the True Taste Food & Drinks Awards 2009
  • "Having worked together on the inaugural Energy Now Expo and then successfully grown the show together year on year. I would happily recommend McCullough Moore to anyone that asked! They are a truly professional organisation whose high level of skills are only matched by their work-rate. The show is a roaring success and quite simply wouldn't have been without their involvement."

    David Jacobmeyer Publisher, DJ Media
  • "Working with McCullough Moore has been excellent, it’s exceeded our expectations again for the 3rd year. The visitor numbers are up 20%, and we have more than 20 new companies exhibiting with us this year. It’s got momentum in the industry, and MedTech Expo is now seen as an essential event within the sector, we’re really going places. Thank you. "

    Colin Martin Director, MedTech
  • When it comes to staging events efficiently and professionally, McCullough Moore are in a class of their own. What you are looking for in an events company is one that will handle everything, from sending out invitations to finding the right venue and of course preparing and managing the event itself. On the number of occasions I have used McCullough Moore’s services I have always found that they handle all of this with consummate ease and with an attention to detail that gives you total peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying the event!

    Mike Padgham Chair Independent Care Group
  • I want to extend thanks on behalf of all at CEDA for the excellent organisation of our Conference. Operationally it was superb and your professionalism and communication were first class, both in the build-up and at event. This, your second involvement showed significant improvements on last year and I look forward to working with you to make 2017 bigger and better still.

    Adam Mason Director General, Catering Equipment Distributors Association
  • Just a note to say a big thank you for all of the work you did to make the conference such a success. I have had a tremendous amount of feedback from delegates - all of which has been extremely complementary. Thanks once again, none of the event would have been possible without your hard work and attention to detail.

    Geoff Booth National Chairman, Professional Association for Catering Education (PACE)
  • We have had the pleasure of working with McCullough Moore for the last four years on the National Association of Care Catering’s annual conference. We have benefited greatly from their experience, expertise and professionalism during this collaboration and cannot recommend them too highly.

    Mary Wedge/Roger Kellow Conference Organisers, National Association for Care Catering
  • McCullough Moore are our preferred logistics support agency for all our internal and external events. Their national, and international, destination experience is invaluable for advising ourselves and/or our pharmaceutical clients on how best to manage procedures. The team have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the PhRMA Guidelines and how best to liaise and communicate with key opinion leaders. We have worked together on a variety of events, including congress symposia, advisory boards, stand alones and investigator meetings - all of which have been managed efficiently and within budget. The team offers a positive and flexible approach, professional attitudes and very high standards of excellence.

    Kevin Wheatley Global Operations Director, Envision Pharma Group
  • Just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for the IM yesterday; although I was not able to make it there in person I have had very positive feedback about you and the way the meeting was organised. I got a good feeling about the company from speaking with you at the start, so I’m glad my hunch paid off and you came through for me! Hanna has said she would certainly be looking to use you guys again for future meetings, and I would of course do the same.

    Adam Marsh Clinical Manager, Premier Research Group
  • I really want to stress how pleased we were with how the Cmed Symposium went - everyone that's commented has said how professionally it was run so please convey my thanks to all the guys, you made my life easy!

    Alan Eggleston Global Head of Marketing and Sales, Cmed (Clinical Research Services) Ltd.
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