Becky Herbert, McCullough Moore’s New Assistant Events Manager, Talks Event Planning!

Our own Becky Herbert, newly promoted to Assistant Events Manager talks about the experiences of event management life!

What made you want to work in event management?

My first interest in the events industry started when I was studying my A levels and there was a module on Event management, I thoroughly enjoyed studying this module but did not get an opportunity to pursue this at the start of my career. I left sixth form after my A levels, and worked in the travel industry always looking for opportunities to get some experience within the Event industry. A few years later I began working at a Venue looking after a variety of events for example meetings, team building, gala dinners, weddings, Christmas parties and many more. I enjoyed working with different clients on the events and soon I realised I would like to become more involved within the planning process and logistics of the entire event. With a couple of years’ experience I decided to go travelling (a big ambition of mine at the time!). Once I had returned I decided this was the best time for me to focus on my career, as I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I joined McCullough Moore and I am fascinated by all the different aspects each event entails, the preparation, running the event on site and the outcome. It is the best feeling working on an event from start to finish with the full cycle and the event being a success!

What has been your best event so far and why?

There are elements of all the events that I work on that I really enjoy. The gala dinners, awards and celebration events are great to be involved in, the theming is always fun and a great opportunity to get creative! I also enjoy our events with exhibitions as it is great to see people brought together networking, exchanging ideas and feel the buzz in the exhibition hall.

What is the least favourite part of your job?

Print deadlines! – There will always be a change, a new suggestion or something you wish you had done slightly differently as soon as you hit the print button! Of course there needs to be a deadline but there is definitely a level of pressure right up until that moment and an sense of achievement once completed.

What do you think will be the biggest development in events this year? 

I think the way technology is advancing this will be the biggest development in events this year from registration processes through to technology on site at the event.

Which personal quality do you think is a must to be an event manager?

I think organisation is a key attribute to make an effective Event Manager as there are many different task priorities and with multiple events at the same time. This does also mean being able to prioritise is also very important, ways in which I manage this is done by task lists, which of course do change daily!

If money were no object what would be your dream event to organise?

I would love to organise a music festival with themed bars, shopping stalls, which would tour worldwide!!


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